A Little Words

About Me

Smooth, authoritative, relatable, conversational.

Russ has been a high energy goofball his whole life, and isn’t afraid to bring that vibe into the studio. From wild and wacky, or dry and sarcastic, Russ always wants to use humor to bring a project to life.
Russ learned from being on stage that being ‘announcery’ makes people stop paying attention. It’s all about connection, relationships, and meeting people where they’re at.

Growing up, with his deep voice, Russ always heard from friends: “You should be in radio!” He never really took it seriously though, until one weekend, when he was the emcee for a friend’s wedding. On that fateful weekend, a light bulb turned on – instead of being in radio, Russ realized he should do voiceovers! What could be better than that?

Because nobody likes 'announcery'.

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Personal Professional Studio.

Custom built to Russ’ exacting specifications, right here in the beautiful city of Seattle.

My Clients

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